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Efficient School Management System
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Efficient School Management System

Efficient School Management System



  • Multi Campus (Console Monitoring)
  • Cloud Based Multi Users (Can be Accessed Worldwide)
  • SMS / Masking & Push Notifications Integrated
  • Parents Mobile App (Student's Performance Analytics)
  • Administration Mobile App (View all Activities)
  • Biometric Attendance Supported (Faculty & Students)


School Management Software is a Complete, end-to-end Solution for your Institute (School, College, University, Academy, Coaching Center, etc).

School Management Software is an Online, Cloud based System which enables you to manage your School efficiently. It is not only simplifies and automate the routine tasks, but also provides you more control, visibility and reporting with future trends & analytics. This school management system software will bring a lot of ease and will be a solution to countless problems faced by management of school.

School Management Software offers a strong backbone to the education system. It integrates information from various areas and brings them under one roof. This reduces the hassle involved in performing the task.

School Management System is the centralized system for smooth functionality of educational institutions. It helps management, faculty and students, equally to get informed on time. It enables mass communication between users regarding events, decisions, announcements and daily activities.

This school management system software will bring a lot of ease and will be a solution to countless problems faced by management of school.


A number of Institutions are already being benefited by our product. So, contact us for a demonstration at your Institute. After this you cannot resist yourself to appreciate our revolutionary design that enable your Institute to experience matchless academic achievements and absolute user satisfaction. ESMIS fabricates a hierarchy of features and management tools that strengthen and enhance the productivity by many folds.

For Non Profit Schools:

Donation Management System where the donor can view the Childs progress, Donation Amount History


More than 250 Educational Institutes having (Madarsa, Academy, Jaamiyaat, Schools, Colleges etc.)

Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Cloud Computing allows you to take advantage of the vast resources, Better redundancy, Cloud provides a platform where you can manage your business and your team will be able to work from anywhere.Cloud can be more secure as compared to local Servers.

  • Easy Management of Multi Campuses.
  • Console Monitoring of each Activity.
  • Centralized User Management.



Basic Academic Module offers its user options that can be used to manage the basic daily works of the school management. This module includes many functionalities which makes the daily routine work life of the school staff much easier, efficient and foolproof. In academic modules, users can perform multiple daily tasks like the creation of Sessions and Classes, Admission & Enrolments, Time Table, Daily Class attendance, Attendance reports, Monthly Test, Term Examination, Other Activities and Mangement of Student Profiles.



School Management Software is basically used for keeping the parents, teachers and school administration on the same page.It removes the communication gap between teachers and parents as they are easily reachable through the school management software.

  • Registration & Admission Confirmation.
  • Parents Meeting Inform.
  • Fees Dues, Celebration & Announcements
  • Feedback & Complaints.



Attendance is an important aspect of school and the whole process of taking attendance and recording them accurately is difficult and can contain errors so to remove this difficulty school management software comes with attendance management system which makes the process error-free.Teachers can also upload the classroom and examination timetable with utter ease making the operations error-free.

Parents Mobile App

Parents Mobile App

School Management software makes it easy for parents to know academic related information of their children.It helps in providing up to date information regarding grades, assignment, and attendance.

Fees Management

Fees Management

The Fees Management Software is automatic module that calculates fees, previous fee payment details, deductions and Concessions that apply to the selected student in addition to the above, the user has also been given the option to apply payment/fee cycle of more then one month.

Management Accounting

Management Accounting

An accounting information system (AIS) is a structure that a business uses to collect, store, manage, process, retrieve, and report its financial data so it can be used by accountants, consultants, business analysts, managers, chief financial officers (CFOs), auditors, regulators, and tax agencies.

HR Payroll

H.R Payroll Management

The Payroll module manages the processing of employee compensation and the generation of various analyses and documents. This is where files for accountancy, banks and external organizations are generated. ... Calculations input is the data from plan rates from the Compensation module.


View some greatness of the product.




What we offer


  • redundancy in managing the institution’s records.
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students.
  • Creation of school’s tech-savvy image.
  • Complete automation of all operations.
  • Centrally stored information with zero redundancy.
  • Best possible resource optimization.
  • Auto-generation of teachers timetable with dynamic substitute management.


  • Online attendance & assignment alerts.
  • Exam & class tests performance tracking.
  • Electronic calendar, picture & events.
  • Online fee alert, payments & receipts.
  • Effective teacher – Parents communication.
  • Hassle free and save cost & time.
  • User-friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills.
  • High-level data security.


  • Automated fee processes.
  • Quick transfers for streamlined workflow.
  • Tracking student’s fee structure reports.
  • Fee Planning.
  • Dues and Fines calculation.
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  • Teachers can log onto their database securely to access the records regarding school, classroom and student activities.
  • Classroom forms and reports can be filled quickly using the school management software where almost all information regarding the classroom and students are updated accordingly.
  • Teachers can easily notify parents about their student’s report once it is filed.
  • Computerized management of examination marks and grades.
  • Timetable creation in advance.


  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents, and peers.
  • Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule.
  • Prior information about school events and holidays.
  • Online announcements, news & calendar.
  • Access to results, time table & exam dates anywhere.
  • Teacher-parents interaction & updates.
  • Get all updates even during absence.
  • ...........


  • Provides great relief to teachers by providing students’ attendance report and progress cards to parents without any delay.
  • Get connected to the school effectively and easily.
  • Frequent interaction with teachers.
  • Active participation in school Activities.
  • Reliable update on child’s attendance, progress reports, and student fee payment.
  • Prior information about school events and holidays.

Countless Benefits

  • Enables you to store everything from activities, to assessments etc.
  • Validated data entry ensures consistency and accuracy
  • Convenient family unit management system keeps contact information in-sync among siblings
  • View informative student profiles with picture and emergency contact information
  • Fast, easy access to your most frequent tasks without adding extra clicks
  • Identify learning patterns for individual students, classes, schools and entire schooling system
  • Interim progress reporting
  • Instantly track student achievement against your set Standards
  • Generate report cards based on your own Standards
  • Access and distribute records for any individuals or groups, based on your parameters
  • Administrators enjoy informed web mobility, taking student information with you
  • Choose from a variety of reliable ways to communicate quickly and easily with parents
  • Help parents stay involved via real-time Internet access to their child’s grades, homework, attendance, discipline and more
  • Keep parents and others up to date about upcoming school events, field trips, schedule changes, meetings
  • Quickly get the data you need through built-in statistical reports
  • Better analysis tools help administrators make rapid decisions
  • Track academic progress within school and population subgroups. Break down data according to a wide variety of criteria
  • Consistent data ensures reliable reporting results. ESMIS data is validated upon entry and the correct responses are easily chosen from pick lists
  • Maintain accurate records of fees and payments
  • Generate custom payment plans
  • Print invoices, statements and receipts
  • Track current balance, view histories and project future funds
  • Easily age accounts and track past due debts
  • Inform parents of their child's absence or tardiness
  • Multiple points of entry enables you to enter attendance directly into ESMIS
  • Teachers may enter attendance by list using their web browser
  • Automatically register all students for the first day of school
  • Unlimited number of individual entry, withdrawal etc
  • Produce enrollment statistics according to your requirements through reporting
  • Parents love getting report cards by email
  • Real-time access to grades, attendance, homework, and assignments in detail will keep parents informed and involved
  • and many more


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